Banner killing ocean


Founded by the creative collective Free Spirit, The essence of life is a project dedicated to creating greater awareness for climate change and human impact on environment. Through an artistic approach and unique visual artworks, our aim is to focus attention, educate the younger generation and unite as many people as possible for a cause which concerns all of us.

We highlight the consequences and the dangers related to global warming, climate change and dramatic impact of human being on nature which brings serious concerns.


While observing climate evolutions for many decades, we have noticed that the Arctic and Antarctic melting ice caps are significantly speeding up. When reading many studies, we noticed, for instance, that the glaciation level of both poles had been the lowest ever registered. The Free Spirit team went to Iceland to create art to raise awareness on melting glaciers.


To raise awareness on ocean pollution, to reveal the beauty of the ocean and to show our pain about the situation, the Free Spirit went to Mykonos to create ART.